Wednesday, August 27


I painted and painted the other day. It was glorious fun.

PaPa was over one time and said........hmmmmmmm.....that will probably just be able to be a really small cabinet space. I tried to contain is something I always wanted in a kitchen........a little bitty space JUST for cookie sheets and pizza pans. OH YAY. And there is even a little drawer above it!

And yes, I do have lots of plates. It's called my collection of plates. And yes, when company comes, nobody has the same kind of plate. UNLESS the girls insist on using the glass/ceramic stuff we have. We have three nice sets, one that is white with blue flowers, that is for Sunday. James got me a set that is white with roses and a little bit of gold.......then I think my sister? gave us a set of plain white with gold on the rims. That's all fine and dandy, but I like my other plates best.
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Anonymous said...

It looks so nice! I like all of your different plates too.

What kind of floor are you going to have? And what color will it be?

I'm enjoying your colorful kitchen. (o:

Mobunny said...

It will be the snap in hardwood looking floor. I had chosen a 'rough' looking one, but Olivia said we weren't doing that look, so then I chose the one to the left. I'm very scientific. It is a regular brown. It will go in last last last, we have lots of touch up painting to do when we're done.

Anonymous said...

Oh!--With the painted cabinets, the laminate wood floors will look *wonderful*!! (o: