Wednesday, August 27


I love old 'melmac?' plates
some of them are called TexasWare

They're hard to find, most plates are glass. Every once in a while, I will come across a neat one..........
I love all colors and sizes and patterns. The solid yellow in the back is the same as some my Grandma F. had. Hers were orange.

I LOVE my Autumn plates..........

This is the set we had when I was a little girl. We had glasses that matched them and two sizes of solid purple bowls. I sure wish I had some of the bowls. I remember I always put my potatoes on the flowers!
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Anonymous said...

Dear Michele, that plate brings back many memories of suppertime, Mom was always so good about fixing a 3 course supper. Do you have the glasses to? I would like to have one for my glass collection. I LOVE the color of the shelf it was setting on. Where did you get your paint? Tell me the color and code#. Here is how you spell melamac or melanmac...i think ...I need a dictionary. Your kitchen is really coming along! are you getting a new stove, sink, another table like your old orange one? Keep up on the pictures, I love to see every step! Love Kristi

Mobunny said...

Kristi, I don't have the glasses. I'm sure mom still has them, and they're probably in perfect condition! They were really pretty, weren't they? Yep, mom was your meat and potatoes type cook! I have the old aluminum pan that she did potatoes in all of the time. It's kind of wobbly.
I did get a new stove, it's gas and thankfully the broiler is IN the oven, and not in the bottom drawer. It is white with gray is self clean. We have to wait for our two cool fronts to use it though, cause my friend in Alaska said make sure it's COLD when you do it!
I got a new sink, too. It's HUGE and I like the fact that it doesn't have the divider.
We will have another table like the orange one.......only it will have cabinets under will be rectangle and no curves and cabinet we will have an interesting time finding stools to go with it.

LA1515 Violet Evening
we are using Velspar from Lowe's

mosbb said...

I grew up with melamac dishes too...maybe because I was raised in Texas???
I thought it was funny that you could remember putting your mashed potatoes on the flowers...even when you were little - well, we shouldn't go there...

mosbb said...

Actually, I googled it, and it is spelled, Melmac...sorry Kristi.

Mo, I was thinking about dishes from my childhood, and can only remember the glass dishes with Currier and Ives (the blue ones). I think mom still has a few pieces.

Do you collect anything glass? Or just melmac?

Mobunny said...

do I collect glass?

does the wind ever blow at Lake Wilson?