Wednesday, August 6

cans of paint

Water droplets on the cans of paint, courtesy of the rest of the anemic hurricane.
This is the wall board we chose.......(it's the white stuff)
It will be painted yellow.
In hopes that it will look old fashioned.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh boy yellow! Love it! LOL!

JLS said...

While you paint walls; I will be painting trim. I'll trade you!

My baseboard and window sills and moulding is the next BIG task here. NOTHING is square in this Old House! Which adds to the adventure!! You have some pretty colors picked out.

Anticipation, suspense, I look forward to more pics!


Mobunny said...

I'd say our house is probably more square than your house.
But your house has character.
I don't know if ours does or not.
When are you guys gonna come see US?

I saw pictures of your new kitchen.......nice.
I can't figure out for sure what side of the house it is on?
(A common friend of ours......told me you were re-doing your kitchen.)

Mobunny said...

michelle with two l's.......
I hope it is the right color of yellow!!!!!!
I can't believe the shades and hues to choose from....very confusing.