Saturday, August 23


the big thing is the food pantry
it is now green
the other cabinet hid a hole up by the ceiling........this will be a strange cabinet........
it's kind of high
but that's what I wanted......things rather offset.

this long cabinet here will be for plates and cups and bowls

I must thank PaPa for all the work he is doing. He has done it with good humor, too. He is used to doing things evenly and by 'standard', and I've kind of asked him to do different for 'this' kitchen project. James was reading measurements off to him the other day, and PaPa was writing something totally different in his book.......because he was figuring in everything that cabinets, doors and openings mean.........there's more to it than meets the eye. This will be a very special kitchen to all of us because of who the carpenter was! Thanks PaPa!
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mosbb said...

special cabinets for special daughter-in-law...
I am sure PaPa is so happy to know you are going to love your different kitchen.
Does the frig go between the pantry and the high cabinet?
Did you guys close off the kitchen entry by the front door?
It is going to feel so funny for a while.

Mobunny said...

The frig is in the dining room, and forever it will stay. So far, we like it in there and it hasn't caused any issues........I guess compared to everything else that is going on, it's nice to KNOW where the MILK is.
We didn't close off the door either, it wasn't worth the loss of the door for a little cabinet space.