Saturday, August 16

big dripper

We went to Pearland today to Super Target and bought a giant dish rack and drain board.

It is kind of a platform, where hopefully a little river of dripping rinsewater will go where it's supposed to go.

This is where it is supposed to drain. Let's hope it does.
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Chas said...

I am so excited for you and your new kitchen!!!
I would love to come and see it in person!!! :)
I bought me a drain board at the thrift store the other day, it has been coming in handy. Before I just sat everything on a dishtowel.
It was messy that way.
Looking forward to more pictures and updates.

Anonymous said...

Will your new kitchen have a dishwasher?

Pastor McEntire said...

It will have four. ;-) Not only will there be four they are the best looking dishwashers you have ever seen.

motherof5boys1girl said...

that is a nice drain board!
its nice to know that im not the only one that doesnt have a dishwasher :)