Monday, July 7


Lydia or somebody said we were heading home today........but we're really not. We're heading for the zoos........when we're done with the zoos, we will head home.
The zoo in Wichita, Kansas was GREAT. It was just was dry, hot but dry. Then we walked into a place called the was humid on purpose in there. Kind of like the doorway of our house. Humid on purpose. Kansans are crazy. They think that 47 is high for humidity. My lips are cracking...........but I am glad I traded wind for humidity.......I'm quite happy in Texas.
We have been drinking pop, eating cookies, looking at pretty clouds, feeling the dry wind, listening to cottonwood trees, listening to my dad........, looking for Starbuck's, going to thrift stores, watching Lucille Ball on tv, doing laundry at motels.........we've been having just a pretty good time. I hardly even miss the van. The car is getting 29 mpg. Yay.
So here we a motel in Oklahoma City. We are going to the zoo tomorrow here in town.............after we eat a great big breakfast here at the motel. I think I need to go to my dad would say, I need my beauty sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I've always enjoyed the zoo. (o:


I am so glad that you all are having so much fun. We have sure missed all of you. I wish I was there to have that big breakfast with you. That would be love you, guys, Grandma