Tuesday, July 29

Lydia's School---Writing etc.

Keyboarding......Lydia pretty much knows how to type.......but I'm going to make sure she's using the right fingers on the right keys.

Modern Manuscript......I looked and looked for this kind of work book, I wanted something that showed a kid how to 'join' cursive letters.

Lydia started Handwriting With George last year and will finish it this year. There are rules for civility and decent behaviour, you copy them and then draw a picture to illustrate the virtue. (show nothing to your friend that may affright them) (this is a fun work book) !!!

Penmanship for Christian Writing is from Rod and Staff.......$5.35
This book teaches strokes and swoops to help with cursive. Every page is about a bird and the cursive that is learned, is bird facts.

Practice Pals is just a 'write on-wipe clean' practice book. I already have the cool little markers ready for this book. They each have their own real eraser.

I have the kids keep a journal......they write a sentence and draw a picture. I think of the topic and they go from there. It is fun to look through when they graduate and see them do better and better with writing and drawing. I give them topics like: Our Pets.....Surfside....Finches.....January Days!

She has a plastic guide on How to Draw a Horse and I Can Draw Animals, book.......we'll see how this goes.

This would be art/cursive/printing.
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