Tuesday, July 29

Lydia's School-----Science

God's Protected World from Rod and Staff.......she didn't finish this book last year. It has always been one of my favorites to use. I have names and dates recorded in the front of this book when each child started it and finished it. It appears that we didn't have it for Sara. I love the chapters....God gave us heat and cold.....God cares for man.....God gave us water........
This book has vocab words, a nice easy chapter to read, good pictures and questions at the end of each chapter.

A Field Guide to the Birds is a color book and information book. It is realisitc pictures of birds, each bird has a small paragraph. Lydia reads a few pages for an assignment and colors the bird she chooses. (she doesn't have to color all of them)

100 Texas Wildflowers was a present from Aunt Theresa to me a few years back. We will use it this year to read and hopefully identify flowers we see in our own area and state! Lydia will read about each flower.......there is a nice picture and short information filled paragraph about each one, then she will tell me facts and maybe even draw one and color it. How much do YOU know about Curlycup Gumweed?

Another bird book! BIRDS
This is an old book, it has 129 birds.......pictures and paragraphs. She will just finish reading it this year.

The World of Animals is also an old book, it is from the Saturday Evening Post Company. The Busy Little Worm.....The Biggest Ape........The Friendly Dragonfly!
Lydia will read each chapter and list facts about the critter she read about.

Where They Go In Winter is also an old book.....(1968) Written and illustrated by Margaret Waring Buck.....it has beautiful pencil drawings and I can't wait to look through it to make assignments! insects, spiders, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals.........

The Wild Flowers book is HUGE!!! she will pretty much do the same thing with this book as the others........read, list facts, and hopefully identify flowers!

I guess this would be considered Science?
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Pen of Jen said...

What a neat idea. Perhaps I will do a similar post.

sue said...

Lydia is about 10 years old? Perhaps you should consider doing some science experiments with her. Our library has lots of books, and there are experiments you can do with common kitchen items.

Mobunny said...

Lydia is going to be 12 in November......Science projects are not my strength.......