Tuesday, July 29

Lydia's School--------Reading

Rod and Staff readers and workbooks. The other 5 kids did all of these to the end and it was worth every minute and every penny we spent on them. Workbooks and all. Lydia will be finishing up the gray books this year. I have on purpose made stretched them out for her. We're in no hurry, here.

Lydia will be require to read The Great Fire and Blizzard.

She is in the middle of Read and Think book 5 and will probably get through lots of book 6 this school year also. The books are from A-beka......read about Sara Hale, then answer questions. Since Lydia is the last school kid, she gets to write in these books. The other 5 had to do them on paper.
Book 5, Sara began August 93 and ended May 94. Lydia began December 07 and will end.......?

Kingfsher Horses....history, behavior, breeds, riding, jumping.
Reading, learning, answering questions.

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