Tuesday, July 29

Lydia's School-------History and Bible

Peep Behind the Scenes......from D.L. Moody $5.95
To say the least, this is good literature.
A Family Secret, Vanity Fair, Skirrywinks, In Sight of Home.........I'm not sure what I will do with this book......whether to just let her read it, do it with her, or write out questions for her.

Do You KNow the Answer? from Rod and Staff $6.05
This is a Bible Quiz book. Who am I? I lived in the land of Uz. the Bible says that I feared God and eschewed evil.
(page 73) How many tribes were there in Israel? How many years of famine wee there in Egypt?
I hope to be a good teacher and do this with her.

The Bible Alphabet of Animals......each letter has an animal and a chapter. nighthawk, camel, kite, peacock, scorpion, unicorn.........
Lydia will probably have a notebook for this book......read it and then record what she learned.

Polite Moments is from Plain Path Publishers......each page has a verse and instruction. I love books that have well formed chapters and ones that will zero in on ONE thing......
I must be about my Father's business......The affairs of this life.....Without me ye can do nothing............

Proverbs People book 2.......Lydia did book 1 last year. available from www.thelearningparent.com
From the book we will learn about being humble, trusting, the angry man, contentment....to name a few.
Short questions and a place for the answer. Just what I like. this is a consumable workbook, but if you have 39 kids, the first 38 won't write in it.....then the last one can.

Daily Life in a Victorian House & Daily Life on a Southern Plantation are by two different authors, but written for the same company. There are real pictures in these books and lots of good information. Lydia will read these books and report what she learned.

A Child's Story of America....from Columbus to the Calling Back of America! She will read the chapters........she may or may not have to answer questions.

History and Bible!!!
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