Tuesday, July 29

Lydia's School-------English, Spelling, Health

I don't know if we will get around to the Abeka health book. It has a workbook with it.......I might just have Lydia read this book and if something strikes her, like a knee bone, we will do further reading.

The Language Helps book is from 1928.......this could be a very interesting book.........morals have changed in this country. I guess I will see if English has too!

Language 3 is from Abeka also.........it has grammar, creative writing skills (of which Lydia does not need) and dictionary skills. Lots of fill in the blank work. I don't know for sure how far we will go with grammar this year.......there's plenty of time for that later on.

I'm not too pleased with her spelling books. She has the rest of an undone workbook from last year, some workbooks from Abeka and a Word Book. I will have to do some thinking on this subject. I jot down the words Lydia spells wrong in her work, then I have her copy them and learn them correctly......

Spelling, health and English..........
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