Thursday, July 10

hi from mo

We spent yesterday driving instead of going to the Dallas we went to the Dallas Zoo today. So far, we all like the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas, best. It was a humble little zoo and had a good *kid* place. The Dallas Zoo wore us all out. It was on inclines and declines.
We took a tram ride which meant we would rather *roll than stroll*! Lydia got to ride a pony named Little Joe........and James had a bird land on his hat and nip at him.
We ate at Outback Steakhouse and then got ice cream. I don't think I'll ever eat again.
The motel we are staying at has a group of people that are on their way to a track meet and they are eating supper in the breakfast room.......and it smells like boiled chicken. ugh.
Kimberly and I are doing laundry downstairs here.....and while we were in the foyer of the motel, two dads and a daughter were passing time. One of the dads had a t-shirt that said something like........To RUN is to BE.........that same dad told his little girl to go somewhere and he told her not to run. uh.........I thought running was what it was all about. Maybe that was the hokey-pokey. Their group is called THE EAGLE HAS LANDED.
I would ask one of them if they wanted to race if I hadn't eaten so much ice cream.



I will be glad to see you all home. I have really missed all of you. Love Grandma

Candy said...

Sounds like your all having a fun time! I love vacation time. We are coming to the States in October (California)..should be fun, cant wait!