Friday, July 18


My husband has got to the be the number ONE vacation guy. He takes us all kinds of places to see all kinds of things and feeds us all along the way, in a royal fashion.
He stops when we need to stop, we all have a jolly good time at gas stations! He likes all kinds of things, so we find ourselves in many different places. One of these days, we are going to Colorado. Just watch. thank you dear husband for the fun time with the girls on Vacation 2,008.
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Anonymous said...

My husband doesn't mind stopping when I need to either. That is such a blessing. (o:

I've been enjoying your vacation pictures. And I agree, you should have a very large, bronze bunny for your yard. (o;

Peach said...

I love snuggling up to my hubby like that.
I totally understand the title and your description. :)
Enjoy your loving hubby. You guys look sweet together.
He looks like he could be scary and brooding, but not with you on his arm. You "soften" him, it looks like.