Thursday, June 26


Here you see is what I need to do yard work. Olivia bought me stuff to drink the whole time.......if it hadn't been so hot out that day, I would have been sloshing. I love my loppers except for the fact that the spring is gone so that means they just flop.......after I lop. The oversized silver drinking cup is fun to use for a watering pitcher. Because of what it is made from, it never rusts. It's a fun outside toy.
See the can with the red lid........I like to eat sunflower seeds when I do yard work. I can't eat them in the I have to do yard work once in a while so I CAN eat them. See the trowel with the orange tip? I get attached to trowels........and vans. I have a roofing shovel to get grass out of cracks, a super size dust pan and a pitiful rake. I also have one three dollar spray bottle of weed and grass killer. Sorry all of my green organic friends.......I have to use something on the unwanted guests in my gardens. This is the only chemicals I use except for hair-spray.........I also use an old wheel-barrow. I got a new wheel last year for Mother's Day. That may sound like a pathetic present.......but I loved it.

My zinnias did horrible this year. Right when they needed rain, there was none. Right when there was none, I think we were doing Daniel's graduation and I just did NOT water that garden like I should have. Oh well, maybe next year.

I got this pot out of an alley one day while junking. I have a chicken that fit just right in the pot, so there it stays. The green thing next to it is for Frog Water. I want frogs in my gardens so I am sure to always have water for them. I was filling this up one day and something moved........scared was a FROG! It was very nice to see a critter enjoying my efforts. If you can, you really need to think about a frog watering dish in your gardens.
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Chas said...

So is the hairspray something you use in your garden???
A frog dish, that sounds like a nice idea... My flowers need rain or water so bad... I hope we get some over the weekend, if not I will have to be out there with the water hose... again.

Mobunny said...

No hairspray in the garden, Chas! It just started raining here.....good for the frogs and zinnias!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hi hon! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile! Huggles!

Humble wife said...

Junking!?! When we lived in Germany we went junking every month. In fact my friend and I were both pregnant and we went and could fit anything in an escort!!!!

Love the pot for the hen!

mosbb said...

gotta love that frog bath!

Call me when you can...

Mobunny said...

I actually go junking every time I leave the house. You never know what somebody is going to put on the side of the road. I sent my boys for a bathtub one day, and they came home with a rabbit cage.
I'll call you soonly, Kim.