Tuesday, June 24

A gentle reminder

Remember not to pout. I can't think of a time it got me anywhere in a positive way. If you pout and then get what you wanted, it often times is bitter.
Victory is sweet, but not if it comes by pouting. So put on a happy face today, and don't POUT.
I know I've posted this picture before..........but it's such a GOOD one!
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Chas said...

Yes, that picture is wonderful! :)
Thanks for the reminder... I must not pout.

claire said...

I love your wise and whimsical posts. I also enjoy your daughters' blogs. You have a beautiful family.

Happymama said...

The poochy lip will get you if you don't watch out!


Humble wife said...

We call this pout a trumpeta in Spanish. Sound advice and certainly true!