Tuesday, June 17

so, we got a different vehicle

that is Caleb in the red and white striped shirt......I think it makes him look like a pirate......

We are now the proud owners of a 2,000 Mercury Marquis.yay.
we got it for LOTS less than the fated Blue Book value.
It already lost a hub-cap.
I do like the color, but I would have preferred a root-beer brown Chrysler Aspen........but those are REALLY spendy.
I'm sure a car has its advantages over a passenger van. I just can't think of any right off hand.
Help me out.
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Pastor McEntire said...

gas mileage!

Michele said...

not YOU

Peach said...

Smoother ride.
Huge honkin' trunk to put stuff in.
Lower to the ground. No "clearance" signs to worry about.