Wednesday, June 4

no pictures, sorry

Well, here we are in Houston. We went to the zoo this morning. It was breezy and not really very hot. There was cloud cover, but no rain, so it was really pretty nice.
We were at the zoo from 9 to 12:30........right when we got there I went over to sit while we were waiting for the gates to open.......there was a delightful little girl in a pretty little dress.......I didn't sit close to her, but she ended up sitting close the ME!
Her name was Alice Joy, she has been to a farm, she is going to hug her dad, she has a friend named Cameron and she turned 5 yesterday. Cameron was NOT invited to party. She had on a Hannah Anderson dress with a matching hat. We just talked and talked. When it was time to go, she hugged me good-bye. Then, her mother and Aunt and her stood behind us in line. She tapped on me so I would know they were behind us. We visited some more. about half way through the zoo venture, we saw them again. She ran up and gave me a big hug..........I'm sure I'll never see her was a nice start to a zoo day!
The end of the zoo day was not so nice........when we walked up to the car, (we borrowed PaPa and Granny's car) the trunk was WIDE open. We went to the car and looked in the back to see if anything had been stolen. (the laptop and my purse were RIGHT on top of everything, not hard to miss) I was sick, but at the same time, everything seemed to be there........James shut the trunk and it came right open again. I thought, hmmmmm, that must be the problem. The trunk latch is broke. The trunk came open after we walked off, it's been open for over 3 hours, and nothing was stolen.......In HOUSTON? Did I mention that I was feeling sick?
Do you all know that we have a vintage van? retro.......from years ago. We have locks you unlock with your fingers.......and of course we don't have a trunk. And of course, that means we don't have a thing on our key-chain that will OPEN a trunk.
My dear husband clicked the trunk we walked up to the car........and dummy me didn't know it. It was quite a good trick on me.....I'd say the trick of the century. I didn't feel good for quite a while over it.....I honestly did NOT get mad. I was so relieved that I couldn't be mad.
Well, about the time I was getting over that, James gets a phone call.
a telephone pole?
where were you?
what about the car?
what kind of pole?
is it totaled?
That's what I was hearing. All of the sudden, I didn't want to eat.
A POLE fell on Olivia's car at work.
It was an electricity pole.
And yes, her car is totaled. Is that how you spell totaled?
She also has a vintage car. Only it was (i'm sure it really is now) ugly, our van isn't.
Well, her car is a goner.
The electric company is NOT responsible for this particular pole,,,,,the man that owns the property I'm thinking he will make it right.
Did I mention that Jame's camera stopped working right before we left the zoo?
It did.
Well it just stopped all of the sudden.
No warning of a low and dying battery.
That WAS thankfully the problem.
The camera isn't broke.
Then we watch High Hitler on the History Channel and I realize I don't have any problems at all!
More later.


OCM said...

:smile: Good one, dad!! :) Hee hee. I'm pretty sure you probably deserved a trick like that, molly.

And, just for the record I was super careful to not just say "my car is totaled"... I made sure to say the light pole part first. Or maybe I said telephone pole.

My poor little ugly car. :(
Oh well.

Happymama said...

I loved this post. Your personality is all through it.

I really hate a pole fell on Olivia's car. Poor Olivia.



Well, one thing is for sure, you will always remember this trip.:)

You know what that sounds just like something his Dad would do. I would also be feeling sick. Have a good time, you guys. Mom

Hon Rosie said...

Nice dad! Thats sounds like a sweet little girl you were talking to!
See you in a few days!

Chas said...

I am sorry you had such a bad end of the day...
I am thankful for your spirit... even when things get rough you have a great attitude.
I hope you have a TERRIFIC rest of the week!
Love you!

Peach said...

My husband would do that to me. One time, I was looking at printed t-shirts at Wal-Mart. He and I had split up and I had Abby with me in the cart. When I looked up from the shirts, she was GONE. Oh, I was panicked. I wasn't worried, though, bc there was a store worker nearby, so I didn't think she'd get 'stolen'. Well, the store worker saw Sid come up and take her and she started to say something but realized it was Abby's Daddy. He was hiding. I could have shot him. But, I learned a very important lesson. And, I cried.

You are hilarious to read. You tell such wonderful stories. The little girl sounds delightful!!

And, I think you're right. We really don't have many problems at all!

Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

You really need to keep that man of yours on a short leash! Praise the Lord Olivia wasn't in her car when the pole chose to fall on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

The little girl sounded so sweet and cute.

I can't believe a pole fell on Olivia's car. What are the odds of that?

I liked the conclusion you came too. We are all pretty blessed, aren't we? (o;

I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful. (o: