Tuesday, May 20

a post from Lydia

This is me (of course!!) with an adaroblely cute baby.... This was taken on the Friday of the Church Camp-out. She loves people to hold her! She goes pretty much to anybody who puts their arms out to her. I LOVE holding babies! :D

This is a horse site that I look at EVERY day! They have some of the most BEUATIFUL horses I've ever seen! I've been watching the horses they put up for sale for almost two years! They've gone through quite a few horses! I've written them a few letters...... They have answered ALLLLL the letters I've written them. Here is the address to their site... www.flyingwfarms.com Of course I've never been able to buy one of their horses, but I sure would like too!

We are going camping in about five-six weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S NOT THAT FAR AWAY!! (or at least not really!) I'm REALLLY exited! We are going to Kansas for about one week, then to Palo Duro Canyon in Texas... They have horse rides on trails in the evening I believe!
You can go check out their web site... You can Google Palo Duro Canyon, then one of the advertisements should bring you to the site....

About three or four weeks ago, I found a baby Mockingbird in a hole by our neighbors house... Of course I wasn't going to leave it there so I dug around the baby bird, giving me more room to get it out. All the time, a mother or a father Mockingbird was divebombing me, and screeching at me... When I finally got the baby out, it just stood there looking at me. So I brought it to my driveway, feeding it some Lovebugs.... They where out thick at the time thankfully! My cat Zephr came prowling around... So I brought it to my Big Sandy and fed it MORE Lovebugs.... I didn't know that baby Mockingbird's like Shamrock Flowers.. (I also didn't know that cats did too!)
Mom and dad came out to look at it.... I guess we didn't really notice our OTHER cat Cougar prowling around... I wish we would have though, cause it cost me the little Mockingbird's life! He ran right in front of me and picked it up and ran off! I was a little taken back with his boldness.
It was really sad becouse the little Mockingbird had grown a little attached to me... When it was standing on the Big Sandy, I was about five feet away watching it. It hopped over to me and peeped..!
I'm still sad about it!

Well, enough for now! Thanks for reading ya'll!
Hon Rosie~
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Chas said...

Lydia, what a sweet picture!
I love friendly babies... and that little one is a cutie! :)
I hope you guys have a great time camping... I wish we lived closer, we love to camp too! :D
(cameo's mom)

Happymama said...

Awwww, what a sad story! I was certainly reading with the anticipation of a happy ending and a Mockingbird family being reunited, but instead got a lesson on the food chain.

Cute pic of you and the little girl though. She's a doll. But then so are you.


ancient one said...

I was sorry for the bird.

The little baby you were holding is so cute.

I hope you have fun camping and hope you get to ride a horse!

Good Post!!

Aimee said...

Hey Lydia, nice post, we have a little girl named Taylor in our church that looks just like the baby you are holding in the picture=) They are both adorable. Sorry about the bird, your cat just gave me another reason not to like cats=D

Hon Rosie said...

Chas, I wished you lived closer too!

Happymama, I wish the little Mockingbird would have gotten reunited with its family too! Wish I would have been watching Cougar closer!

Aimee, I didn't know you didn't like cats! Cats are ONE of my favorite animals!

Lady Marguerite said...

That site for the horses is neat=o) that's too bad about the baby mockingbird...I don't really like cats either, but I like kittens except they grow into cats=o) And Aimee's right...that little girl looks JUST like the little girl at our church.
P.S. I had just had my horse back riding lesson and I think I'm going to post some pictures...so be on the lookout hehehe=o)

Hon Rosie said...

Who wouldn't like kittens???? Speaking of kittens, I want one! Even though my sister Olivia has one.. Well, it ain't exactly a kitten... She's a little over a year old. She still has a lot of kitten in her! She always sleeps on my bed.. Now I feel lonely when she not on the bed with me! :(

P.S. I looked at your blog today!! ;)