Wednesday, May 28

neato cabinet

Is this neat, or what?
It was in a church.......maybe to put Sunday School material in?
Perfect for that........but I'd like to have one, too.
And just think, nobody could lay anything on top of know, the law of the flat surface..........
it would be fun to fill this up.
bread sacks?
old lids?
cat food?
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Anonymous said...

It looks like it was meant to hold open books at an angle good for reading.
Sunday school lessons? Sewing pattern books? Cookbooks? Sheet music?


Happymama said...

We used to have something very similar at our ACE school. It was where we scored our books.


Lyric (from the shed) said...

very neato! I'm not sure what I'd use it for? And I thought we were the only family with Flat Surface Disorder. GRIN!

Mobunny said...

You could prop books up on this could even throw some jeans, a blanket, Kroger bags and curtains over the top of it, too. It has lots of potential I guess.

Chas said...

Oooo, I like it!!!!!
Very cool!

Peach said...

It reminds me of the pattern cabinets at Wal-Mart. Slanted top, big drawers beneath. Maybe not?

Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

Do not be fooled; a kid can find a way to pile stuff on that cabinet; there is a little lip there just right for holding wayward books and mail. My piano manages to hold all manner of stuff on the slanted book holder. It's a neato cupboard though. Your hubby really ought to build one for you.