Saturday, May 31

my tools

I needed the loppers to trim ash trees out of the crepe myrtle trees
the silver handled *whatever* to put spearmint plants in
the can with the red top had jalapeno sumflower seeds in it
one large refill cup of was terribly hot out today.......Olivia fixed it up for me!
one Sprite from McDonalds........Olivia got it for me......I love McDonald's Sprite
one drink from McDonalds nobody wanted
my black trowel with the orange tip.........I love this has done lots for me
a freezer cup with pop in it..........Olivia fixed it up for me
a HUGE black dustpan.......I used it to sweep up dirt and blue-bonnet seeds from the Spider Tree garden
I threw the dirt and seeds into the yard.......I am going to let blue-bonnets grow in the yard next year, but we will mow them down before they die and get all ugly
weed works in 24's the only chemical I use in my gardens
my little snippers........(red handles) I gave all of my bulb plants a burr today.......they get so tall then they fall over and turn yellow and they look horrible
so they all got a hair cut today
a shop broom that I used to sweep the dirt and seeds with
a roofing shovel.......I used it to get grass out of the cracks of the driveway
I used a rake, too. We have a nice rake. Not one of those that weigh 45 pounds.......ours is the lightweight that does leaves and grassssssss

So, I worked in the yard today.
I finished pulling up Sorry Charlie weeds in the Spider Tree Garden, sprayed for weeds, cleared out the brick planter in front of the house. I have never been pleased with what was growing in there, so I cleaned it out today and left what I did like........aloe, shamrocks and I replanted the anemic spearmint plants.......I added some bricks and some yard art. Oh, and I planted a few nasturtium seeds. I'd be tickled if they would grow. I raked around the tree by the AC motor........I trimmed the bottom leaves on a HUGE tropical looking tree, I pulled Sorry Charlie weeds in the triangle gardens.......I snipped ash trees out of the chain link fence.......I pulled up cilantro that has gone to seed and threw the seeds everywhere.
I also drug a chair from the back yard to the front.
I also fixed my TEXAS rock in the West Garden.........I can stand on it now to wash my hair without it tipping. If I stand on a rock, my feet won't get wet. Immersed actually.
I totally ignored my side of the back needs LOTS of work, but I couldn't start on it today.
I love working outside, drinking ice water and pop, eating sunflower seeds.
It was kind of funny this morning.......a man across the street was mowing his lawn. I guess that's what you would call it. His mower was spitting and sputtering and choking and gagging and wouldn't stay started, then it sputtered and spit and choked and gagged again. It took him foREveR to mow just one little spot.......I was awfully proud of him for finishing.
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