Friday, May 16


I'm fixing to go to Galveston.
We will drive on the senic Blue Water Highway.
I will stop at Buc-ees and get a brownie.
One with nuts and chocolate chips.
It's raining.
But it will stop.
And it will probably be beautiful out!
We're going to Wal-mart, too.
Just for the fun of it.
We will see what Caleb and Heather's baby is........boy or girl.........girl or boy.
I'll be back.
After Heather and I have some fun.
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Blondie said...

Ooohhh, my dad grew up in Galveston! He & my uncle were little beach bums. He remembers walking to the beach with his little brother when they were kids in the 50's. Boy, parents would never let their kids do that these days! :-)

Have fun!

ancient one said...

Oh what a beautiful photos... I wish I could go with you...LOL