Thursday, May 22

Food and Fellowship With the Ladies

have you ever seen such a delightful donut?
just like a flower........
that plain old piece of toast was the best piece of plain old toast I have ever had....
(we went to Ryan's to eat........)

waiting waiting waiting

yay, it's 9:00!
enter into Hobby Lobby
Catie looked fine, but she wanted to see what she looked like in *gold*

We ate, we shopped, we had a good time.
One thrift store had EVERYTHING for a quarter!
Everything but prom dresses. As if any of us needed a prom dress.
Games were 5cents each.
It was FUN.
Olivia's car bursted its radiator...............somebody said her car's water sure did.
Husband had to come bring it home.......I don't drive cars that are running hot.
At least not anymore.
I did it once and I don't want to do it again.
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1 comment:

Happymama said...

I hate that Olivia's car's water broke. LOL

Looks like y'all were having a good time regardless.