Tuesday, May 20


my Mary Poppin's hat
my wooden bunnies
my beautiful violet coffee cup
I used some fabric leftover from the curtain to cover the desk
it has a varnish on it that has been sticky for 30 years
it can't be ignored, so I always have to cover it with something
my poem books
this is as mushy as I get
and sentimental
these are my sentimental books
sometimes I get a hankering to read a mushy poem
or look at a flower
this is the rocking chair James bought me a LONG time ago
it is nice to put quilts on
it isn't great for sitting
it just isn't.
the curtains in the background were made out of a cloth shower curtain
my desk
my old chair
the old rocking chair
do you see the purple quilted pillow....look to the left.......it matches a quilt
it was a lovely present from somebody
the old bear in the chamber pot is old, too
I think it got it when I was a baby
she is rather falling apart
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Chas said...

It is truly beautiful!
Your quilt and pillow look similar to one I have made recently! :)

ancient one said...

Ha ha... you know I had to click on the picture to get a good look at the bear in the chamber pot.. my SIL and I were talking about chamber pots yesterday... remembering the days when flowers were planted in any old kind of pot... we were up on the garden junk web site looking around...we love us some garden junk!!

Mobunny said...

I like garden junk, too! When I buy things though.......I have to decide whether to put them inside or out....sometimes I put them outside, then later bring them in. Sometimes they're in, then they go out. Little pots like these can go either way.