Saturday, April 12

Friday night........

Our 4th child graduates! We have had a big celebration for each one of them. We think it is cause to celebrate!
We rent the community house way in advance, we order a cake the Monday before, and we look for nice outfits to wear for 3 months!
We send out invitations and our friends and family come..........we eat cake, listen to Buddy Davis sing, hear messages on home-schooling and get all dressed up.
Olivia *catered* it for us this year. We usually just have sandwiches ala Wal-Mart deli, but not so, this year! She did a great job on the food and decoration.......the lady she works for let her in her *catering* warehouse and gave Olivia permission to use anything she wanted!

Daniel has for years, liked Titanic history, so we naturally decorated accordingly. (or tried to)
I guess it's kind of hard to sum things up on a blog post........everything that has happened the past 18 years, the last month, the last week, now........last night!

Well, here we are. Now I will just have two girls left to home-school. I am already looking at their books to start back in August sometime.
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Daughter of the King said...

Congratulations to ALL of you..and especially your graduate...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Congrats! That sounds like a wonderful celebration!


Grandpa and I were so proud of Daniel as well as all of you. He has finally finished the prescribed course and now is a graduate. Doesn't seem possible in many ways. He is a fine Grandson.

Olivia did do a great job with the catering, the food and decorations were wonderful.

Dad and Mom did a great job not only raising Daniel but the four older than him also, as well as the two coming behind. A joy well done, Dad and Mom. You have much to be thankful for as do Grandpa and I, so much--------. love you, Grandma

Peach said...

Congratulations, Daniel. :)
Lovely reception!! Olivia did such a good job with all the food and you guys did great on the decorations.
I wish I knew you IRL so I could have come. :)
Oh... and that distance thing.

Chas said...

Congratulations to you all!!! You are such a wonderful friend Mrs. Mo. I am truly thankful. I hope I do as great a job with my kids. :)
I am sorry I missed you the night you called, we had a storm and our phones went out that night.
You can call anytime!