Saturday, April 12


The A-A-A verse is from Rod and Staff Unit O.......this is what we used to teach our kids how to read. Abhor that which is evil was the first thing they all learned the first few days of kindergarten. Later in Daniel's schooling, I turned to the back of a science book........we were going to go over the glossary words to see how well he had learned the book. I asked him to tell me what ABSORB meant. He said.......A-A-A, absorb that which is evil. He was quite a challenge to teach to say the least.
Daniel and tomatoes. We don't eat them, we just play with them. I don't remember what we had in our mouths, but I KNOW it wasn't a tomato.
A book by Brother Hammet Daniel did.....
He drew this picture of Lydia a month after she was born.
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I look like an ornament with that thingy coming out of my head!