Saturday, April 26

dining room things

This is an aerial view of my bunnies.


Does anybody know the name of this quilt pattern? My Great Aunt Freida made me one with blue fabric when I was very young. It fell apart because I used it so much. She made one for my cousin, too. My mom had her make another one for me, but she made it square instead of rounded.

Jolly in black and white.
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A Note From Theresa said...

I like the duck, nice looking new blog there sis as well.

Mobunny said...

thanks Theresa.
James switched templates for me and I even figured some things out for myself!

Peach said...

Aren't those wedding rings?`

Michele said...

I've heard it is modified 9 patch. I was hoping for a more interesting name.

j arnett said...

spools of thread! i have that pattern!
*only 2 years later*