Saturday, April 26

Come In!!!

Welcome to my new, uh, template? The blog is the same, only the template has been changed. I miss the clover on my old template, but I'm glad now to have archives........which I call Historical Bunny Blogs..........and labels which are called Trails. I still have 150 posts to label so the whole blog will be easy to........trail. I hope to have made it easy for all of you (as I've said before, the millions of you) to find anything on my blog, easily. *just for fun* and *collections* is just ONE click away.
I'm still working on getting some pictures in the sidebar. When will you just be able to 'cut and paste' a picture?
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1 comment:

Chas said...

I think it is going to be very nice!!!
I *LOVE* the yellow hallway! :)
I have a thing for yellow, the way you feel about purple! :)