Friday, April 25

Blue Blue Blue

I got a glass Bluebird of Happiness today at a thrift store. I've seen them for years in nicer gift stores. Now I have one. I really haven't even needed it!

THEN, Kimberly saw this bird in our feeder and we got some good pictures!!!!

It's always exciting to see a colorful bird!
It came twice to the feeder!!!!!
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I just love your new blog look. It is so pretty. I have a smaller blue bird like yours. I really like it. It was a pretty blue bird that came to visit you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds, great pictures, Kim!
Oh Mo, I'm loving all the categories! whoo-hoo!


Hon Rosie said...

It happens to be a Indigo Bunting, not just a plain ole' Blue Bird! But it was very very beautiful! I hope I will be able to see it again!

Peach said...

Is that a cobalt violin bottle in the background?

Michele said...

I don't know Peach........I think it is old. It is a beautiful little bottle, looks great with marigolds.

motherof5boys1girl said...

arent those bluebirds sweet? my husband gets me one every year for valentines day :) except this year, i got a glass cardinal :)