Wednesday, April 30


This is not the lovliest thing I have ever done, but it wasn't too bad. Just like the old saying goes.......there is no bad weather, only improper clothing. There is no bad berry picking, just bad clothing. I look like granny moosh mosh, but I didn't get thorns and scratches! These berries were on the side of a hill RIGHT beside the ocean. Ain't that crazy?
The pan I dropped my lovely little berries in was the very pan I was brought up with. It is the pan my mom made macaroni and cheese in, boiled gizzards and gravy, potato soup and mashed potatoes. It is aluminum so I don't use it anymore.
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Humble wife said...

Ok, I had to enlarge the photo because everything was so green! Did you notice the bird in the tree(shrub) behind you?

I actually love this picture as this candid shot seems to be how I am dressed with so much going on in the gardens and such!

Mobunny said...

there surely is a bird in the tree.....we were wondering why we didn't see MORE........there was a feast for them.

mosbb said...

wow, that is quite a hillside of berries; what did you do with yours? Heather said they are pretty good...she doesn't remember that we had blackberries growing on the fence in our backyard in Portland. I didn't use them much, because the kids didn't like the seeds.

Chas said...

Mmmm... Berries!!!
That is a cute picture of you too!