Saturday, March 1


well, so far, it looks like my blog is just might post this picture..............
if you were 6inches high and stood on my craft dresser, this is what you would see
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Chas said...

If I were 6" high, I would be delighted with all the wonderful trinkets and lovlies you have on your dresser! :) I am glad your blog is working. I need a Mobunny fix every once in a while! :)
And I have only been to Texas once so I don't know if there is a store. I can look in GA if you would like! :)

Mobunny said...

The Cinnamon Apple jelly has been discontinued. It is different than Apple Cinnamon, which is what I thought it was called.
Can you imagine running out of names for jelly and having to just turn it around?