Monday, March 24

a new kitchen for mo...............

These are the colors I have chosen for the new kitchen.........coming this summer!
The countertops will be Formica *All That Jazz*, we will paint the cabinets and trim all of these colors.
I think the flooring will be industrial tile like you see in churches and grocery stores!
I like spatters/splatters of different colors.
There will be very little actual WALL when we are finished with the new kitchen............just like now. There is no wall in my kitchen. Don't ask me how you can have a big kitchen and no wall. The only picture I have ever been able to hang in my kitchen was a 5X7 of a mouse.
I'm also getting a gas stove.
I'm sure I will learn to like it.
PaPa is building the cabinets for me. We're going to have them all built before we 'gut' the kitchen.
(Daniel is financing the whole thing.) I already have the sink. It is in our bedroom.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is gonna be lovely!

Anonymous said...

That countertop looks fun!!! What a fun kitchen to hang out in!

Julie said...

I love those colors. Most of my house is done in yellow and blue. Its so cheery.

Chas said...

All of the colors are WONDERFUL... since Chautona is not using her fabric for curtains you might have to see if she wants to get rid of them.. they would match perfectly! :D
I can't wait to see!

Happymama said...

We had a gas stove in Germany and I LOVEd it. The colors are pretty and so is the formica.

If those swatches are on a table cloth, I have that same blue one.



Mobunny said...

that 'blue' tablecloth drives me crazy........somebody puts it on the table every Sunday cause it goes with our Sunday dishes.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really like those colors, especially the counter top. How exciting! (o: