Saturday, March 22

more flowers

see how the blue-bonnets hopped outof the garden into the yard?
my garden bunny

I love nasturtiums...........I'm just glad I'm not a larkspur trying to grow in the midst of these flowers.
Oh yeah!
Kim and I were driving down a residential street in LJ today and there was a house that had three trash cans out front.
It said FREE.
There were 3 kinds of could get as many as you wanted........I didn't get any cannas. I don't like them, they always look so skraggly.
I got caladium and iris.
We didn't find the garage sale we were looking for, but getting the bulbs was just as fun.
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Your gardens look just great. So bright and happy.

Thanks for the lunch yesterday, It was all great and just being with you all was a blessing. love you, Grandma

ancient one said...

Love these beautiful flowers. I'll be glad when mine start hopping out of the beds and start blooming!

Your kitchen will be so nice with the colors and counter you have chosen. I must admit though, that I cannot imagine a kitchen without a wall.

I always enjoy my visits to your blog!!

Mobunny said...

thanks! ancient one.........stay tuned in August for before and after pictures of kitchen!

Grandma, we had a good time on Sunday, too. It's just too bad Grandpa didn't get any pie.......

mosbb said...

oh, mo, the kitchen you have been so patiently waiting for! I love the colors you picked. Especially the counter top.
I can't wait to see it in person.

Mobunny said...

kim, come see the old kitchen....... this weekend?

Anonymous said...

you have flowers I have snow and mud... Love them!

Mobunny said...

Hey Ginger!
I post flower pictures for people just like YOU!!! We have them all year round, and I need to remember those who don't!