Friday, March 14

Land's End Lastability

My grandson is throwing away a skirt. This was not just any skirt. I bought it used probably around 16 years ago. I wore it for a while being pregnant with our last two kids and used it when I wasn't pregnant. When I was done with it, I gave it to Sara and she wore it when she was pregnant with two of her kids and wore it when she wasn't........this skirt got some hard miles and both of us got LOTS of many happy skirty days out of it. But it was shot. She has had it for a while and it needed to be chunked, but she just couldn't do it. So I got an idea. We could have her oldest son do the deed. It was easy for him. Just open up the trash can, and throw it in there. Good bye blue skirt. It has to be 2 of the best dollars I ever spent.
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This was the first time for me to ever cry over a "shirt." That was one of the saddest post you have ever written dear Michele. Boo hoooo. Poor shirt gone to the "shot shirt burial ground." I know it will be missed. Poor James Kelzie, didn't even realize what he was throwing away. Oh well, on to brighter day! love you, Grandma