Thursday, March 20

happy day!

My pink and blue, bluebonnets............
A jungle of nasturtiums.
Today is the first day of Spring.
Have a flowery day.
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mosbb said...

OH, you beat me to it...I came on your blog to wish you happy first day of spring...
Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL. I love bluebonnets, and nasturtiums are so lively and bright...I never heard of them until I moved here and a fellow church member put them on top of a salad, and said they were safe to eat.
I have been thinking of you daily. Pray your sewing schedule is not toooo harsh. Your dilly told me you are sewing up a storm.

Chas said...

Oh Happy Spring to you too Mrs. Mo! :)
I am so excited that warm weather is hopefully on its way to stay! :)
I love springtime... I love all the beautiful blooms that we have popping up everywhere!
Lovely flowers by the way!
Have a great day!

Mobunny said...

kam, I love Spring! Actually, it feels like Spring from December to the end of April around here....which is very nice. If all my flowers died I would think it was a plague, and not just weather related deaths!
I'm losing my cilantro already, it is 'bolting' and then it will go to seed. Farewell sweet? cilantro!
Chas, things DO pop up, don't they? I have had a few bulb plants try to pop up under a brick........when I walk by them, I can hear them, so I move the brick.
(don't add bricks to your garden in the winter.........)