Monday, March 31

good day everyone!

I am sewing and finishing up some aprons dresses for a Hutch customer today. When I am finished with them, I am going to watch our holiday Martha Stewart dvd's and sew on the buttons and snaps and whatever else I find to fix them up! I also have a MUM family to work on........

We have the windows closed and the ac on. We could live without the ac today, but it sure feels nice.

I had pizza for breakfast and lunch, I am doing an odd load of clothes right old tablecloth, a cloth shower curtain, some t-shirts, some dresses I saved from the sale we had and some doilies..........I am going to make curtains for our bedroom out of the table cloth and shower curtain........we have dark Egyptian curtains in there right now, and I want to lighten things up a bit. BUT, I'm not going to buy curtains. This will be much more fun!

I planted the bulbs I got for free and it rained a little bit hopefully they will bloom and grow.

I have some TALL irises that grow up every year and pretty much NEVER bloom........well, there are two or three blooms and I'm pretty excited. I don't know why they aren't happy where I have them. I put them in 3 places around the yard, hoping they would be. I guess the ones in the side garden are slightly happy.
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Rabbit said...

I love the pants in the picture. So bright, cheerful and spring-y. I'm sure the curtains will come out great. I hope you will share a picture when they are done. :-)

A Note From Theresa said...

You know... If we ever do get to buy a home the first thing I'm going to do is the yard. And the first thing I want to plant are gardenias. They smell so nice.

Chas said...

I love those skirts... gorgeous.. I love those colors!
I have a site that has $20 off a purchase.. I am going to try and find the link for you
type in the code 414465 for the $20 off.. you still have to pay shipping, but I thought of you when I found this deal! :)
Love you,

Peach said...

I like the blue skirt. :)