Monday, February 18


I now have a 7 quart crock pot. Or 7 gallon? whatever.........I have a new one! I think I could fit at least 1/2 of a moose in it.
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Anonymous said...

that's the same one i've got! don't you love it? we're having pot roast tonight--ummmmm. ;)

Michele said...

why not moose?

mosbb said...

um, mo?
half a moose?

I can hardly fit a LARGE moose roast in my large crockpot. Dont' get your hopes up so.

Where you gonna get half a moose to try it anyway? Hmmm?

Julie said...

I love my 6.5 quart crockpot though I am always looking for the 7 quart one. Congratulations. :)

Mobunny said...

it was from Kohl's for $27, not bad, eh?