Monday, February 18

what we ate........

The table was beautiful............

Fun stuff! Heather and Kimberly had things very nice for all the women of our church to celebrate Olivia's 21st. birthday party!
A salad, as you can see somebody gave me their onion. It was a trade, they took my tomato.
Cheesecake with raspberries and blackberries. And a chocolate truffle. Did I say chocolate?

the official menu:
course I
Light, chilled cucumber soup
course II
garden salad with a variety of vinaigrettes
course III
cheese filled manicotti served with fresh bread
course IV
creamy cheesecake, a dark chocolate truffle and fresh fruit
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Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous table setting. i love all of the candles--so sparkly and festive. was there music? dessert looks delicious!

Michele said...

George Winston kind of music!

A Note From Theresa said...

Thank you for your tomato and your welcome for my onion. lol

It was very nice and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oooh, i love George Winston. i have him on an old cassette tape ha ha ha.

hmmm...a tomato for an onion. that sounds like a good deal. :)