Monday, February 18


Olivia's surprise party went off without a hitch, unless you consider cold cucumber soup a hitch.
Olivia thought her and I were going shopping. We eventually did, just not when she thought.
Each of the church women made scrapbook page for was interesting to see everybody's
personality come out in the page they made. What a nice memory for her to have of the church
ladies! It was a fun evening and very special. Thanks Heather and Kimberly!
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Chas said...

That looks like such a fun party... I wish I were there! :)
I am glad everything went off without a hitch ;) and I have never had cold cucumber soup, but I would like to try it!
Have a great day my friend!

Mobunny said...

It did us all good to eat was a bit strange, but boy did my kitchen smell good when they were peeling all those cucumbers. I thought somebody lit a Yankee candle!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, the punch lookes tasty, too. ;)


Mac Children 4 said...

Aunt Michele I tagged you for a math meme.