Saturday, February 9

my dad

He always thought it was funny to hang up NO SMOKING signs and not obey them...........I find myself being very much like him, except I don't smoke..........
I love to hang things up that I buy so others can see.......except most other people just wonder why we hang things on fence posts.
and use buckets to hang a hose on instead of a hose hanger you buy at Lowe's. And why not just use a handy tree to nail the bucket onto while you're at it?
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Your Dad I thought was one of a kind and come to think of it, you are a lot like him.That is good. Who else would think about using their spoons or forks to open thier cabinet love you, Grandma

Hon Rosie said...

You are like him, you get laughter in your eyes just like he does! ;)

Chas said...

Oh Mrs. Mo, I love the bucket to hang your water hose, that is GREAT! As for the name of my flower bed, that will have to be decided, since I haven't given it a thought AT ALL until you gave me the idea! :)
Love to you!