Saturday, February 23

from Lydia...........

Doesn't this look YUMMY?? I can't wait for Summer so I can eat Watermelon! I LOVE to eat Watermelon when we're watching Fourth Of July fireworks at Target,,, or at the beach or,,, at home! I like the seedless kind when I'm in the house.. But when I'm outside I like it to have BIG seeds in them.. You all probably all know why!! :oP

My Granparents dog Dusty died! :( He was a poodle.. I remember him when I was four years old!
I'm really sad!

I put some grass and some yarn in my bird's cage, and they have been making little a little nest in their food container... We have already empteied it of food.. :rolleye: But they take ALLLL of the stuff out, then they put back in again! Just leave it in there!!! But I think they are getting a little bit more used to me... I wish they could sit on my finger.. But I don't think they would want to!

The books that I re-read most is the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques.That's the reason my comment name is Hon Rosie... She was a hare in Mariel of Redwall and The Bellmaker. Her actual name was Honorable Rosemary but they all called her Hon Rosie... Hehehe, just a little fact why my comment name is Hon Rosie!!!Lydia~
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Dear Lydia, Grandpa and I are very sad also. I have thought about him a least many times today. Thank you for remembering and caring. love you. Grandma