Saturday, February 9

a curtain

I didn't take a very good picture of this.......but it's actually an old apron. See the pocket? It evidently had a band? tie? that went through the waist........I just put a curtain rod in it.........doesn't it JUST GO SO WELL with my purple wall? And why do they call it Spray and Wash when it is more like a stick deoderant?
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Anonymous said...

cute curtain! i knew you'd end up with one of those sooner or later. i have been eyeing the flour sacks at our Albertsons for quite a while now. i know i'm going to break down and have to buy one, one of these days. maybe i'll use it for kitchen curtains. or an apron lol.

i give Stain Stick as a present at every baby shower i'm invited to. :)