Saturday, January 12


I can hardly wait to get up in the morning...............I always think that they are going to make a flavor, get me hooked on it, then drop it and I won't have anything fun to pour in my coffee. I shouldn't worry........somebody in a 'think tank' evidently must be 'thinking' of me. When I see flavors like this, I can't even REMEMBER what I used to like.
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mosbb said...

Things like that coffee creamer are exactly why I am trying to get off coffee. I don't really like the coffee so much...but the creamers.
So, the question of the day...should I keep drinking coffee if I don't need it for caffeine, and I hate it black?

Chas said...

I love coffee creamers... yum! I haven't tried either of those but yum, those look VERY good! I have been making my own for a long time to try and save because they are so pricey but man... those look yummy! :)