Wednesday, January 30

Lydia's Saturday (by Lydia)

Me and my Dad went to the Wild Life Refuge in Brazoria, and we also went to Bryan Beach!! *SMILES* The Refuge is home to coyotes, hogs, (Yukk!!) I think bob cats, and hares/rabbits. We haven't seen and of them except hogs. I much would've rether seen a coyote or something...
The ocean was SOOOOOO pretty! It was actully pretty calm! I got a few good pictures of the waves just before they rolled over..... Like this picture!
This is a picture of a Reddish Egret, and two Cattle Egrets. One of the Cattle Egrets was immature. But they let me and my dad get pretty close to them. I got a picture of the Reddish Egret flying away, but it was blurry.
This is a picture of a Brown Pelican. We saw the bird when it was fishing. It was realllllyyyy neat!!!! I got a few pictures of it diving in the water, but most of them where blurry..
That bird has a large wing spand! Even though it's not my favorite bird, ( The Painted Bunting is mine) it deffintly is very amazing. It was flying around, looking for fish, then it would be like a magnet to it. The pelican is actully the State bird of Lousianna. We have a river down by the library, and about this time of year, Pelicans come to the river. Its really neat to see them flying across the road. I've never seen a White Pelican. ( I don't think!) It would be really neat to see one though!
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ancient one said...

Well, I stopped by tonight and got a treat!! Lydia's Saturday was such a great post. Loved the pictures and learned a lot too!!

I read back to catch up again. The wash room really looks clean. I need to do that to mine.

Loved the apron and the garden and the twrilling dress. See ya!!

Hon Rosie said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

Anonymous said...

very pretty waves

Mac Children 4 said...

oops that last post was from me

Hon Rosie said...

Yes, the waves where very pretty!
(By the way, was that you Jess?)