Monday, January 21

Lydia on Monday

(lydia speaking)

Hello again!!!!!!!
I'm at my Uncle Roddie and Aunt Frankie's house in this picture. They had a beautiful swing in their yard. Here I am swinging on it. It was kinda windy that day.

Well, today me and my Mom are going to the Martin Luther King's parade. I think it starts at 12:00..... I think??? I might also get to pet some horses too! If I do, I will deffinitly take pics of the horses! *SMILES*

Well, it's cloudy and drear out today again. The tempachure is slowly rising, slowly, but surely.
Have a great day ya'll!
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello dear Lydia! I hope you and your mom have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia!
Did you enjoy the parade with your mama? Did you bundle up enough or did you freeze your nose off? When I was a very small girl, I lived across the street from a woman named Liddy and her family. One of her sons grew up to be a professional football player. I have been enjoying your posts---keep them coming! :D
Mrs. Robin

Chas said...

Lydia... You look just like your Mom in this picture! :) I hope you had a great time at the parade.
Cameo says hello and she says she hopes to update her blog soon! :)
Have a great day!

Hon Rosie said...

Robin, Yes, I did enjoy the parade with my mom! The part I liked the best was the part where all the horses came!! ;) I don't think I bundled up enough! The wind was blowing kinda hard... Sooo, that made it even MORE cold!

Chas, I think I look like my mom in the picture too! Say hello to Cameo for me!

A Note From Theresa said...

Michele, I tagged you for a book meme, if you want Lydia, you can do it too.

come over and see;

Ma Kettle said...

Hi Lydia! Love the post...and I loved the one on the horses too!

I love horses and always wished for one...maybe I can have one soon!

caption contest will resume on Tuesday!

ancient one said...

Hi Lydia,
I finally got back one more time to see what you and your mom have been doing. The sewing room looks great and those cookies of yours look delicious!