Saturday, January 12

It took two days.

I wanted to get my sewing room cleaned up when it was nice out. It has been beautiful here and very good cleaning weather. There was a breeze coming in this window the whole time! I have had my sewing table up against a wall but decided to try to change things around so I could look out the window. Kimberly is going to fix up the flower beds!

Some of my fabric..............and the old piece of wood with nails in it..........for my buttons and snaps and letters and pictures and tats and patterns.........

Everytime I go to buy thread, I forget what colors I already have. I've taken pictures of what I do have, then look at it when I'm at the store....but that doesn't help, I've even called home and asked somebody to tell me what colors I DO have. Nothing helps. So, I usually have 5 shades of pink and NO brown.

These are my tools. My neato pins and my little Chinese pin can tin full of bells, my SHARP scissors and the seam ripper I got in Madison, Indiana....a beeswax cube from my sister to help thread needles and my little bobbin case. I don't really like this bobbin holder, but it will have to work until I find something more whimsical. If you get a seam ripper while you're on vacation, everytime you have to rip something out cause you made a really stupid mistake, you can think of your vacation instead of how really stupid you are.
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Charity Grace said...

Nice job, Mrs. Mo! The kids are sick today so I'm not at church. I think we will have some at-home Sunday school and then I might be able to sneak in a little craft organization myself. That's one major area that is not in order yet!

Anonymous said...

Good work! Lots of pretty fabric, but no more mudslide!
I like that kitty tin, too, it makes me think of Puss-in-Boots.
Love, Mamalama