Saturday, January 19

Help me find her husband.........

Her name is Millie, her husband is Willie. My sister and I had a salt and pepper set like this when we were little and we played and played with them. I found Millie at a thrift store a couple months back, but not with her husband. If anybody knows where he is, please let me know. There is a reward. She is about 5" tall and made out of plastic.
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Anonymous said...


I only found pairs doing an Ebay search for Willie pepper shaker. You probably don't want two Millie's though.


Mobunny said...

val, go here

g-mail address is on the top left hand on it, it's a different color font than the paragraph........let me know who you are.......and I will get in contact with YOU!

I said there was a reward and I have something to send you.........

Mobunny said...

mission accomplished

krissy said...

i'm kris
live in kirkland (seattle area)

i (think) that i have WILLIE
let me go check

ok, i do
he is ceramic
few chips here and there

so he's yours if you would like
a gift from me to you

let me know
i am at
i hope this email comes through
sometimes this computer stuff does not work

and blessings to you