Tuesday, January 29


I think I can make a pattern for this.......it will fit sideways on a regular piece of fabric. I can make it longer, or wider, or shorter.
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Chas said...

Oh I love this apron... it looks so cozy and comfy and just right. I LOVE full aprons.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love this apron! If I were more talented at sewing, it would be what I would make for myself!

Anonymous said...

just a few more paydays...;)

Rabbit said...

I love it. If you were to make a pattern would you be willing to share it? I'd love to try it if you do. New here at this blog but I also like rabbits and look forward to reading more.

Michele said...

Go here: http://the-rabbit-hutch.blogspot.com/

and e-mail me.......the e-mail is on the left, just click on it.......and I will see what I can do about a pattern.
Love Mrs. Mobunny