Friday, January 25

considering where I was..........

this shows it is really cold out. I look at the flags and the steam? coming out of the chemical plant smokestacks to see which way the wind is blowing. It matters LOTS down here which the direction the wind is out of. Well, today it was out of the North and it is COLD. Cold to us is 55 and anything lower. If the wind is blowing, we can stand about 59, but that's about it. I decided today that I love our winters down here. We live where your seed catalogs say it is MILD, which is fine with me. We have nice springs too, they just don't last long enough. I love summer and the sun that makes my flowers grow. I like fall too, but it comes too late and is very fickle.
I don't have any winter clothes to speak of, but that's fine. It might be 80 tomorrow and I'll forget all about the weather today.
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