Friday, December 14


Most of the nice things I get at this time of the year are opened before the 25th.
Jelly-Bean purses.......stripey thread.
I would have never guessed what the package was with the coin purses........but the thread was all wrapped individually........and it was still a surprise!
You'd think I woulda figured it out.
I like presents that last a long time.
I'm going to put garage sale change in the big jelly-bean purse.
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Daughter of the King said...

so cute....and you are right...a gift that you will use for those kind.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I do love such gifts as those! the littlest goodies make me the happiest. hubby bought me 2 spools of thread today that were on sale for a quarter a piece at Ehler's. Couldn't have made me happier as I needed the colors I got for a couple sewing projects!

Chas said...

Such sweet gifts...
I love all the colors! :)

jennifer said...

Well you are right! Neat.

Who said the quote? I have not looked it up patiently waiting to reveal my not knowing!

By the way I am having a one year blog anniversary feel free to enter,...and my kids are seeking help to name a new kitten if your gang has some ideas.