Wednesday, December 19

Lovely Lilac

Somebody donated some linens to my favorite thrift store. I got this on Monday and got even more yesterday. Doilies, old kitchen towels, embroidered cloths and a Texas table cloth. I even got a towel with a radish embroidered on it! It needs a will be fun to fix it up. Our eating table is too big for most of the table cloths I find, I just have them all folded up on an old chair with a rabbit on top........(this is what our back yard looks like in the middle of December)
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Chas said...

Those linens are just beautiful!
They have your name all over them, being so beautifully purple!
Have a great day!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the linens! Good find!

Mobunny said...

hi testing

Anonymous said...

Michele, its been ages since we have talked!! Please Email Me!! I hope that I die in May so I can lilacs on my grave. Love Kristi